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LL120 fans not spinning

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Hi all, hopefully not a stupid post...


I'm running 4x LL120 fans and 2x LL140 fans in my 570X case via a commander pro + RGB hub. I recently decided to sleeve all of the fan cables to make cable routing in my case a little easier.


I've now reconnected all of my cables on only the two LL140 fans spin up and have RGB. The four LL120's all light up but none of them spin, the commander pro also cant see them.


I've systematically removed all of them and tried them one by one but still the same outcome. I've also checked there's no loose connectors but they all seem fine. It's also strange how its all of the 120's which are the problem


Any thoughts?!

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Trying going into the device settings for the Commander and changing the fan header function from Auto to '4 pin'. Occasionally the auto detect will misfire and not see a fan. However, 4 at one time is concerning and I would start a support ticket as well.
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