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Bought new H115i Pro XT AIO - loud pump


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I just bought a new computer, and last time I purchased a H115i AIO with my previous system. I was very pleased with AIO, but this time it seems it has a new pump model.


I can choose between three speeds (via Link software): 2000rpm, 2300rpm and 2600rpm, and they are all very audible.


My previous H115i could be set at much lower speed, maybe 1110-1300rpm(?), and was practically silent. The constant humming from the pump this time around is very annoying. I bought Corsar ML140 Pro fans to have a very quiet system, but unfortunately the AIO pump is always audible.


Is there a way to get slower RPM for the pump? If not, can you recommend a quiet model that is still powerful, preferably for 140mm fans.


Thanks for the help!

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I'm afraid that's how these pumps sound - there's a big thread going with a lot of people expressing the same complaints. I'm rocking a h115i Elite Capellix and have the same limited noisy options you describe, it's not great!


This is the only AIO I've ever used, so I can't speak to the noise levels of other pumps, but from what I understand the RGB Pro (not XT) pump is operating on a previous pump design (Asetek rather than CoolIt), which allows for more diversity in the RPM settings. Take this with a grain of salt though - it's hard to find official information on this stuff, plus online anecdotes seem to vary, so might be worth gathering as much information as possible to prevent yourself wasting money/time on something that will be just as noisy. :/


(And Corsair's naming conventions don't help! So many variants with similar names.)

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