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Hey, I already have the Corsair crystal 570x the amd cpu 5800x and Radeon 6900xt. I don’t know which cooler would be the best. I want to leave the 3 coolers from the Corsair 570x in the front and I don’t know whether i need extra coolers on top or at the back. I am thinking of an AiO. Which one could be good for installing at the top of the case? Am thinking of something from Corsair like h115i. And also the Corsair ll120 for the back. Or isn’t it needed? Are the 3 coolers in front with or without the AiO enough? Also the noctua NH D15 chromaxblack is in my mind but I kinda would like the RGB effect.
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Really nice case! 

For cooler, i suggest to use LL120 fans (bought yesterday, they are very good and looks amazing!).

For AIO, you can't go with h115i because its 280mm raidator and doesn't fit in your case. You should go for H100i RGB PRO XT or Capellix (new). They are both 240mm.

With your setup i suggest 3 X LL120 front intake and 1 x LL120 back exhaust, AIO on TOP in exhaust. 

Watchout, H100i RGB PRO XT come with 2 x ML120 no RGB,  instead Capellix come with 2 X ML120 RGB.

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