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LS100 Single Ultrawide + 1.40 m Extension Strip?

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I have a LS100 Starter Kit + 450mm Expansion kit in order to fill Ultrawide 49" Monitor for Ambient Lighting.


Recently I bought an expansion 1.4m strip to add at Channel 2 but iCUE (3.37.140) only enables the follow configurations:


a1) 1 x 250mm

a2) 2 x 250mm

a3) 3 x 250mm


b1) 1 x 350mm

b2) 2 x 350mm


c1) 1 x 450mm

c2) 2 x 450mm


d) ***Disabled***


The option for 1.4m is not enabled.

I'm guessing the controller is not able to control more leds.


What options do I have for this 1.4m strip?, currently only 60% of it can be turned on. :(


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