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Will RM650 Power Supply Work with 4Pin ATX Connector?

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Hi Guys


Can anyone tell me if the RM650 Power Supply will work with my ASUS P5K-VM Motherboard?

I have no problem with the main 24 pin power connector, it's what plugs into the 4 pin connector that powers the CPU?

The P5K-VM Motherboard has 2 Power Connectors:

One 24 Pin labeled "EATXPWR".

One 4 Pin labeled "ATX12V".


The RM650 manual is very confusing about this topic? It talks about splitting an 8 Pin connector into two 4 pin and using one of them?

After searching on Google I came up with conflicting results. Some say you can use it and others say no you can't. I'm confused.


Can you Help me?


If the RM650 will not work, please recommend one. Thanks




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This reminds me of a Athlon box I built and needed an Adapter for the CPU power. The video card I was using did not need PCIe power.


196.75 wrecked that rig


so I got a TX850V2 and a Carbide 300R chassis and built a new rig

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