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Questions regarding the Commander Pro

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I have some questions regarding the Commander Pro and I have found lots of conflicting information looking by myself, so I wanted to ask here.


I'm considering the Commander for two reasons:


1) The current software I use for fan control does not allow me to turn off completely the radiator fans under low load - which is a major disappointment for me.

2) I'm already using iCUE for my K95 Platinum / Ironclaw and I'm very fond of the software itself. And if I can minimize the amount of icons in my system tray, the better.


So I have the following questions regarding the Commander Pro:


1) Can it read Mobo/CPU temp before the operating system initializes (i.e. inside Bios)? Hypothetically, if iCUE crashes, or I launch the system into emergency mode, will the Commander still work as it should - as in, does it flash the settings onto the device itself, like you can save profiles on the peripherals, like the keyboards?

2) Is it able to control DC 3 pin headers? I have an Eisbaer 420mm AIO - will I be able to set a pump / fan curve for it?

3) Can I set up the different fan headers to react to onboard GPU/CPU/VRM thermals in iCUE?

4) In total I have 11 fans installed on my chassis. Will one commander suffice if I use PWM Y splitters? Can I plug into it a sata powered PWM hub that came with my chassis (Phanteks Enthoo Primo)?



D3 / Matt

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1) Not really. Depending on the source, it likely holds at the last known RPM value. The native control source for the Commander Pro is the 4 temp probe registers on the end of the device. These can be used at 10K air temp sensors and also with common water temp versions in custom loops. These work all the time. The best solution for the Eisbaer is to run one of the included 10K thermistor probes to the exhaust side of the radiator. Exhaust air temp will mimic coolant temperature and give you a steady control variable. It would also work with any other thermistor value.


2) Yes, the Commander Pro has an auto detection as well as manual selection for DC/PWM for all 6 headers (individually). If the spec sheet at Alphacool is accurate, pump power should not be an issue on a 4W/0.33A DC pump. I am assuming the fans are powered separately. You could use CPU temp as a control variable for it and the fans, but I don't recommend it. There is no hysteresis within the controls, so that will be an inefficient and bumpy ride. The temp probe suggestion above is reliable.


3) GPU, CPU, and a pile of other Corsair values. It will list a series of MB values like Asus MB #1, #2, up to 7-9 in total depending on your board. However, specifically for Asus (and others too) the corresponding number tends to shift around. Last boot MB #4 was VRM. Now it's #5. That is a problem for control. There also tends to be a lot of junk data. I have two 11C and one 116C on my list right now. None of them are accurate.


4) 11 via splitters is pushing it and likely not viable with the pump needing it's own DC header. 3 and 4 way splitters tend to have difficulty with erratic behavior. Dual splitters work fine and it becomes a matter of current management. However, the clear solution is to use a PWM repeater hub to offload some of the current and get past the 2 per channel limitation. Many of us are using separately powered PWM hubs to handle large fan counts.


"Zero mode" for fans can be selective. It works for some and not for others.

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