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I bought some new RAM from Newegg.com and when I put it in my PC and boot it up, I get one of two things:

1. When its put in one slot, the PC doesn't even start up. I get a black screen even the the power on the tower is on.


2. When I switch around my 2 RAM sticks, it boots up, but I get taken to a screen saying that there is a problem with recently installed hardware. It gives me like 4 options: Start in Safe Mode, Start normally etc etc...Well, not knowing what to do...I chose safe mode...it ran a whole list of files it seemed and then stopped...and said that there was a fatal error and my PC needed to be shut down.


Im no PC guru, so any help would be REALLY appreciated.


I ordered this RAM:



My PC is a Dell Dimension 4500...Everything in it is stock except a DVD Burner I installed.


Did I get a back stick of memory or did I order the wrong one?

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So what do I mix Dell memory with?


This is the 2nd stick I've ordered from newegg.com. I can't find the right piece of memory I need. Is there a way to know what to get BEFORE ordering it?

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