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Question about Ven RGB Pro 4600MHz

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Good Morning All,


I purchased a kit of CMW16GX4M2Z4600C18 for my Asus Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi edition currently on BIOS version 3204 with a 3950x CPU. This motherboard is capable of up to 4800MHz speed but it doesn't seem to be compatible with this kit of RAM. Yes did check the QVL and notice that the kit was not on the list. Not sure why I thought that since it fell within the range of acceptable speeds that it should be fine. Has anyone been able to get this kit to work on this motherboard or know what motherboards it's compatible with?


Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

When you are talking about those speeds you also need to take into account the simple fact that every CPU is subject to the Silicon Lottery. Not only does the memroy need to be capable of running those speeds but the quality of the motherboard memory layout and traces in the PCB, and most importantly the quality of the integrated memory controller on the physical CPU all effect the ability to hit higher memory speeds.


When you are talking about more extreme speeds like the kit you are referencing it is not likely to just be able to plug them in, enable XMP, and for them to work. There are going to be things you need to change in BIOS in order to improve the stability of the integrated memory controller on the CPU in order to run memory at those speeds, even if the kit was on the memory QVL for your motherboard. Unfortunately we aren't able to assist with those changes as it will require you to run voltages out of official spec which can cause damage if set incorrectly.


I would recommend looking up Actually Hardcore Overclocking on Youtube as he is a great source when it comes to memory overclocking and covers the things I am talking about. Also may help if you look into overclocking specific forums to see if anyone can provide any assistance for your specific CPU+Motherboard+Memory configuration.

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