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LL120 Fan and DDR4 Vengeance RGB LED quality

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Just want to state 1,5 year old PC with burn-in led issue on all LL120 fans (note the white color difference in all of them) and also on some specific LEDs on DRAM (note the pinkshy color on white). I leave all my RGB in static with the same color and for my surprise as I was changing colors today I noticed the burn-in issue they had for leaving the same color on for so long. For comparison, I have a single QL120 fan that is way newer and it does not have the same issue (the white on the inner ring is the same as the outer ring), as oposed to the LL120 fans that came with my Obsidian 500D SE, I suggest you guys to change the colors sometime or use a profile that they spend more time turned off than on. I know it is very hard to distinguish, especially the camera is not so good at capturing what I experience with my eyes, but it is clear to me that the RAM became pinky and the outer and inner rings on the LL120 fans are different colors.



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