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Corsair Virtuoso SE - Audio Reduction/Attenuation Issue?

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Hello, I have owned my Corsair Virtuoso SE and have had a problem for quite sometime, but really narrowed it down the other day and was wondering if another person had similar issues, or would be able to test my same setup to see if they have similar results. Below are some of my settings.



ICue Settings:

EQ: Bass Boosted

Surround: OFF

Auto Audio Repositioning: OFF

Dongle Firmware: v. 0.16.80

Firmware: v. 0.17.149

Software Version: 3.37.140


Windows Settings:

Sample/Bit Depth: 2 Channel, 24 bit, 48000Hz (Studio Quality)

Exclusive Mode: Allow applications to take control/Priority BOTH ENABLED)

Spatial Sound: Off



When using the "Bass Boosted" Profile within the ICue software, certain sounds such as very specific YouTube videos or actions within a video game cause Dramatic Sound reduction. The issue seems to arise the most when i am is listening to bass heavy content or Bassy vocal sounds, more specifically when someone is talking and using Plosives. This issue became most apparent when watching a Youtuber Named "ProtoxxGaming" and strangely when sometimes when he uses plosives my headset Extremely reduces audio to when i cannot hear anything for about 1 second, then it raises the audio backup to normal. Below is a video which this happens on, specifically at 9:47 on the "P" Plosive. Also attached is an Audacity recording using my Blue snowball microphone to record the sound from my headphones during the issue, you can hear the volume reduction.


Example: [ame]





My Troubleshooting:

I have tried adjusting all of the windows settings above, along within Icue. I have reinstalled the ICUE software multiple times with no avail. I have 2 gaming computers, so i tried Installing the software on my other PC and ran into the exact same issue. Connecting via USB or the Dongle shows the same results. Connecting via AUX cable works normally and sounds fine, but this bypasses the "Bass profile" in the Icue software so it doesn't sounds nearly as good. I also thought it might be YouTube/chrome issue, so i downloaded that video and played it in VLC and had the same audio issues. I did notice a few things though:


-When playing the video and setting the volume to 100% in VLC or YouTube AND windows set to around 30, the effect is Major and almost reduces the volume to 0 for 0.5-1 second when it occurs.


-When playing the video and setting the volume to 30% in VLC or YouTube AND windows set to around 100%, the effect is minimal and a lot less noticeable.


-If you create another EQ PRESENT within Icue and raise the "32" and "64" to "+12dB", this same issue will occur without using the bass boosted profile. (Makes sense why the other profiles don't have this issue, they don't max out those EQ values.)




-Headphones connected on USB or Wireless, Do not use AUX cable.

-Set the "Bass Boosted" EQ within ICue ->> https://ibb.co/87rkXtk

-Have windows Volume set to around 30% ->> (https://ibb.co/2WrKbzx)

-Click the youtube link above BUT before playing make sure the YouTube Video volume is at Maximum ->> (https://ibb.co/XbPqwkk)

- At 9:47 in the video he says a "P" word and it reduces the volume greatly.


Please let me know if I've done something wrong or possible troubleshooting tips, hopefully someone can try to reproduce my issue as well. Just wanted to figure out if this was a Corsair Software or hardware issue, or possible windows issue?



Cosair Virtuoso SE audio issue - Blue Snowball Recording.zip

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Hi JeffBezos (seems about right),


Upon using the Bass Boost EQ preset with my VIRTUOSO RGB SE, I can confirm I've reproduced the issue of dramatic volume reduction. This EQ preset can be downloaded and imported which seems to improve the issue while still retaining bass boost.


To import, click on "PROFILES" (yellow circle) and then the inversed arrows (orange circle).




Otherwise, the EQ settings are below:




Credit to Reddit user Waffle_Iron_McGee for this EQ preset.



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I have simmilar (I think) problem. Sill cant fix it.

Check this thread: 


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