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Giant blob of air in my loop

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Hi guys,


I installed my gpu only loop about two weeks ago. Xd3 pump, 240 mm rad and 3080 fe block. All was fine until yesterday, when I noticed an empty gap, well, almost a gap (some coolant is still going through), finger sized, in my loop. No idea how that came to be or how to fix it. Gpu temp is still ok tho, but this looks bad.


I don’t have leaks, and everything is sealed tight, I did my 24h test before powering everything up.


Picture attached.


Tips on how to move forward with this would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Looks like it is in the out flow from the GPU. That means you will want to tip the front (XD3) end of the case to send it back toward the reservoir. This happens. It has probably been hiding in a corner of a radiator. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to power down and put the ATX 24 pin jumper on before your tipping maneuvers.


There also is another method you can try first. It is not always successful, but has no risk associated with tipping the case around. Go to your XD3 pump control and set a fixed PWM % as low as it will go (probably about 20%). Wait a few seconds, then input 100%. Wait 10-15 seconds at max, then shift it back to minimum, wait a 10 seconds again, cycle back up to max. The starting pressure on the ramp up can often push the air bubbles out on its own. Effectiveness varies by pump type. DDC pumps usually are good at this.

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Many thanks for the reply.


For some reason my pump reads 0 RPM since day 1, however it works and I've seen some topics here with the same issues. Correct port in the commander pro, set to 4 pin, temp sensor ok, etc, but it always reads 0 rpm. So I can't manually adjust the speed. Flow is fine. Anyway.


What I did: plugged the pump in the cpu_fan header, put on the dummy 24 pin, opened the filling cap of the pump and then started it. It started at 100% speed (by the looks and sound of it. For some reason, when I have it plugged in the commander pro port 6, it doesn't start at 100% even with the 24 pin in use.), and the bubble just cleared after 2 restarts. I had to add some coolant and now it's fine.

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Most likely the tach sensor or wire is not transmitting data properly. That prevents the RPM reading and you from using a fan curve to control it. It usually sits on the last known speed. However, you probably can still control it by using a custom curve and changing the XD3 to PWM %. There is nothing wrong with using a fixed speed for your pump. I would keep my XD3 at 1750 rpm (30% PWM) on the desktop and about 3500 (50% PWM) for sustained load.


There is a catch. DDC pumps have really weird PWM % curves. Nowhere near linear. See an approximate list of PWM % = RPM X here.

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