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Corsair RGB HUB to MSI Corsair


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I need help with setting correct connections for following setup:


3x ML120 RGB (got them as stand alone)

1x Corsair HUB

MSI ACE x570


I connect all ML120 RGB to 1x Corsair HUB - they all have static blue light


Problem: I cannot control them as I cannot connect them to 1x 3-pin CORSAIR connector on MSI motherboard.


HUB and MSI motherboard both have male inputs therefore to connect them I need female to female cable like this:


where it can be get (made?)





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You need a fan hub cable.

It'll come with the multipacks - it's the same cable that connects the fan hub to the Lighting Node Pro.

If you don't have that (because you got the fan hub separately), you can make them - check out http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=174759.


Or if you just want to buy them, you can get them here: https://piratedog.tech.

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Thanks! I have found the cable ... it was in the MSI ACE x570 package. yet I think somethings is wrong either with fans or the hub. I cannot change to colours via "Dragon Center in MSI".


I have connected it like this:


MSI x570 <=> HUB <=> Fans and nothing is changing when switch via this MSI terrible application.



Wonder if MSI supports ML fans at all.

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