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HS70 Wireless only works plugged in

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I've been using my HS70 Carbon Wireless for a whole year without any problems, but since a couple days ago my headset only works while plugged into a USB port. As soon as I unplug the cord, it completely dies and can only be turned on again while connected on USB from my PC.


I already replaced the usb cord I used to charge it and already tried the soft reset explained from the link bellow, but it still doesn't turn on on wireless mode:




I already tried forcing the firmware update but the problem persists. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 20H2 64bits, my ICUE version is 3.37.140 and the firmware is v 0.64


What else can I try to do?


Edit: I forgot to mention ICUE either show my headset not connected or with 100% charged battery. I also already tried letting it charge by itself, it shows the red led, but it still seems it didn't charge the headset at all, even though the software is showing that it has 100% charge.

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