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LED Strip not working correctly after ca 1 Month of use.

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Since Christmas 2020 I am using the Lightning Node Pro.

Installation and so on was very easy and I was very happy with the controls in the ICue software.


Yesterday I've encountered an issue with one of my games and my PC crashed. Since then one row of 2 LED Strips did not work and the one closer to the controller only had the first four LEDs working.


This morning I changed the arrangement of these, and luckily the one, which was further away from the controller, is working fine.

Though I still have a problem with the other strip, only four LEDs are working and if I try to use the male male adapter, so I can power this specific strip from the non working side, it does nothing at all.


I've arranged them in a way it is not obvious and hid the non working part behind my H80i V2.


I did notice a lot of threads with LED strip problems which occur sporadically, can this be a sporadic thing aswell?


For everyone asking how my PSU voltages look:

they seem to be within spec, ca + 0.4/0.5 volts on my 12 volt lines, and everything else is within + or - 0.1/0.2 volts.

I don't see why these LEDs might have died, because the first four, originally closest to the controller, are working fine and the other two strips, which are on another channel of the controller, never had an issue. :question:


Thanks in advance

LeeLaand :)

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