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h150i elite capellix 3ML pro RGB

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hey so I am new to the Gaming pc world and i got my hands on a h150i elite capellix which came with 3 ML RBG fans I also got a 570x case i decided to stay uniform and purchased a 3 pack of the ML pro RBG and installed those fans 2 on top and one for the rear exhaust my issue is that i plugged all 6 fan wires into the 6 node par that came with the h150i elite capellix 6 for fans 6 for RGB the ones i got with the h150i elite capellix all light up and work fine and show up on the icue software but the other three don't light up I have one fan that has a single LED lit out of the three the 6 fans show up on icue on the performance tab but to sync the 6 fans i cant seem to get the other three fans to light up or even show up on the lighting setting page of icue please help it really looks off not being able to have half my fans not light up i have 6 fans plugged into the hub the other six into the rbg side the AIO had two wires one was a 3 pin i plugged into the motherboard the other wire into the node and the node had a usb and a sata connection.



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Temporarily select one of the instant lighting drop down colors to see if this changes things. The Commander Core that powers the pump and fans has an auto-detect feature for lighting and it's possible the configuration is not quite right on its side or yours.


Also, the Commander Core has individual lighting circuits for each fan, unlike the other controllers that are serial. If one LED goes out, it may affect that fan but not all the others.


You can try forcing it to a specific configuration. You have 3 ML-RGB (4 LEDs) and 3 ML-elite (8 LEDs). You would want to chose SP Pro/ML-Elite 8 LEDs from the Lighting Set-up and 6 fans. You also can force it to auto-detect again from the CUE settings panel.

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