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Fan/RGB questions


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Hey everyone,

I've been looking at purchasing some new case fans to go along with my new 5000d. I have noticed that the latest RGB fans don't seem to be split between static pressure and airflow models anymore...is that no longer a thing? If so why, or am I just not looking in the right spots?


Also is the current generation of the corsair case fans & (I guess by extension) Icue compatible with the latest generation of the Asus light system (Armor Crate & Aura Creator)?


Thanks for the help

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We are into the hybrid era of fans now with most models having medium rake, a medium number of blades, and providing decent airflow and pressure. Certainly a large part of that is the move into complex RGB elements. It's hard from a manufacturing point to spread yourself across too many variations of the same fan.


Among the Corsair fans, the ML series is the more static pressure orientated fan and highly suitable for radiator duty. That doesn't mean the others can't do the job. I have 6 QLs working on 2x360 for my 575W of CPU+GPU. It is enough and I wouldn't trade the lighting for 2C of liquid temp. As usual, watch out for differing max speeds on the various models. That will make certain fans appear to be low/high performers, but it is dependent on actually running at the listed speed. An LL (2200 rpm) and a LL (1500 rpm) both push the same air at 1100 rpm.

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Thanks for the response,

Guess I have gotten a bit behind the power curve. I'll have look into proper optimization of this new generation of fans.


thinking of doing 6 intake (front, side) 4 exhaust (top, back), front holding the rad.


Appreciate the input, now I guess I just need to find out if it can all work with armor crate.

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