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Corsair H60i RGB PRO XT fan speed help


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i bought a new 2021 H60i AIO, that include one fan and one 120mm radiator.

The fan is powered by a cable attached to the water block.


That cable has two 4pin fan connectors, if i try to connect a second fan to the cable (i want to use the second 4pin connector to power the chassis fan) that fan spin only at maximun speed, and there is no way to control it by iCue software.


Do you have a solution for this issue?


many thanks


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What other fan is connected to the H60i XT controller? It is a PWM controller, so if you connect a DC 3 pin fan, it will run at 100% all the time from the 12v PWM signal.


Unfortunately the quick start manual does not detail the physical nature of the second PWM fan wire and I was not aware there was one. I am not sure if it operates as two independent fan channels (both connectors are 4 pin) or if is a standard PWM splitter (4 + 3) where both fans will run the same speed. If it shows 2 fans in CUE, it likely is dual channel and both fans can be controlled independently.

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