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HS70 Pro Playing a Tone & Completely Unresponsive

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I just ran into a very very strange issue. All of a sudden, my HS 70 Pro headset just started playing a tone (which I later figured out was 205 Hz), and becoming completely unresponsive to the volume control, the power button, and plugging it in... The headset still seems to be on, as if I play audio on my computer it works, but I can't control the volume using the volume wheel thing. It's also definitely not the computer, as when I unplug the transmitter, it continues to play the tone.


It is completely unusable in this state and I have no idea what could be causing it. I'll probably have to RMA it but I figured I'd ask here in case any of you have any idea what is going on & a quick fix...


I'm going to try and just let the battery die and see if it goes back to normal after, but if anyone has any ideas in the meantime, I'd love to hear them... As fun as it was to actually use physics I recently learned, and figure out the frequency of the tone using beat frequency, I already have a headache :p:



EDIT: This completely resolved itself once I let the headphones completely die overnight, and then charged them the next morning. I have no idea what it was, but it's fixed! :)

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Update with fix
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