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So apparently my K57 is not charging anymore. Battery LED is off when connected, and blinking purple when not plugged in. Tried the ESC key reset thing, had no effect. Should I get a replacement?


Firmware 1.1.164.


I would've tried an older firmware but I can't find them anywhere.

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It is not available on Amazon right now. On corsair support they told me it may be an iCUE issue, but looks like a firmware issue actually, the battery LED does not blink green when charging, it's actually off all the time (pink when working in wireless mode).


Any ideas? Where can I get an older firmware to try? Can I downgrade the keyboard?

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I'm resurrecting this thread to tell you guys that the keyboard was apparently faulty and this bug had nothing to do with any firmware. I finally managed to get a replacement and I have my battery LED indicator again :)


Just one question though, what's better for the keyboard/battery life? Always connected and 100% charge or always charging-discharging when full?


Thanks in advance.

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