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My keyboard won't get out of BIO mode and other problems.

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First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed in another thread or if it does not go here.:sigh!:

The keyboard started the day with LEDs working badly, they did not change to the corresponding color (all the white keys and those that were bad were in yellow for example) and also, these were working with a different mode, moving to the right. This could not be modified, after not even with the ICUE software I could solve anything, not even updating it. I decided to restore it with the button behind, from here the keyboard does not turn on any lights except the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock, these blink constantly. As I read it is in bios mode, but I am not being able to get out of it either by touching f1 + the winblock key. I also tried restarting it by pressing the ESC key but it didn't work.

In addition to all this, in ICUE, I cannot update the keyboard FW. It detects it, starts updating it, reaches 100, disconnects it from windows and is there, I have to unplug it and plug it in again to be able to use the keyboard.


PLEASE HELP, I already contacted support and got no response.

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If your keyboard is the K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard the polling rate selector switch on the back of the keyboard next to the cable is where you select your polling rate of put it in BIOS mode. Your keyboard does not utilize the F1+WinLock keys.



Ah okay, I did not know that the key combination did not work, also nothing works switching between BIOS 8 4 2 1 :[pouts::[pouts::[pouts:

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