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Some ICUE lighting modes aren’t working.

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Basically I have 6 LL fans and my issue is the two top mounted 140mm fans do not light up more than one colour each. My rear fan had been replaced as it was stuck on a static colour and with this new fan it works with many icue lighting modes but when I attempt to use it with the setting ARC for example, it won’t work with the 3 front mounted fans.


I’m using a Commander Pro and an RGB Hub which both came with the 500D SE case and I’ve got all the cables in the right places which I’m positive are as I’ve switched them around into their designated places.


I just need help at getting the fans to sync correctly, especially the two top mounted.




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Those top 2 fans are ML-RGB and not LL. They have 4 center hub LEDs compared to the LL that 4 center plus 12 in a diffuser ring around the outside. The problem is the programming for all the presets is based on one fan type. 16-16-16-16 for each fan. This is what you are telling it when you do the Lighting Set-up "fan type x number".


1) Set a static color for all fans (instant lighting works for this). Check to see if all 4 center hub LEDs light up. They likely do, which means the fans are fine.


2) You'll need to decide how you want this work. Currently your fans probably start at the bottom front for #1 and progress to the back for #6. In this 16-16-16-4-4-16 arrangement, the top and rear fans will always be off sequence and may not light properly. The ML fans physically can't do most of the LL effects because they have no outer ring.


One option is to run the LL 1-4 on the hub, then put the ML in 5+6. You tell CUE "LL x 5". This makes the two ML fans first 8 LEDs on the 5th LL in the UI. The effects will run front to back to top, but the LL in the back will behave properly. You can set a different effect for the top than the LL fans to help.


Another option is get a second RGB Lighting Hub so you can put the ML on their own channel. The makes the UI easier to work with, but does not change the separation from front/back and top.


Or leave things as they are. You can still set separate effects for the ML and the LL. Use CTRL + Left click drag to select/de-select groups of LEDs. The problem in the current state is your ML are the first 8 LEDs on fan #4, then the rear LL is actually half on fan 4 and half on fan 5. The remainder are phantom LEDs and are not generated.

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I’ll try these methods. I hadn’t realised the fans were ml. Basically I bought a second hand H115i platinum which proved to be a big mistake. The pump didn’t work so I salvaged the two fans and figured I’d use them as exhaust. The stocks it cooler will be replaced with a new AIO eventually. Thanks for your help!
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