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4x XMS 4400 C25 512MB possible??

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i am running 1 Set TwinX XMS4400C25 on a P4C800E-Deluxe

with a PIV 3.0E at 262 FSB 1.4 Volt VCore. RAM with 2.75 Volt l

CL2.5, Ras-to-Cas Delay 4 clocks, Ras precharge 3 clocks,

CycleTime 6 clocks.

Everything works fine this way. Yesterday i tried adding a second set

of 2 moduls from the same batch. Not changing any settings (i think PAT

is disabled automatically). On the first start WinXP crashed, system.ini

destroyed, had to repair installation with only 2 modules installed.

Anyone out there (RamGuy ??) with some tips if it is possible to use

4 modules with FSB this high(262Mhz) and which settings to change to

get it stable ????????



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Putting the extra 4 ranks (2x 4400C25) of load on the chipset will really kill your OC'ing abililty. Generally you can subtract 5 to 8 mhz per 2 ranks of loading that you put on the memory controller. The more memory you add, the lower you can OC. I would start @ 250 FSB and go up from there to find the new roof of what the chipset can do fully populated. You can also up the vDIMM to get a little more mhz out of the set (Corsair only warranties the memory modules to 2.85, which is perfect as it is the limit of that board).
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