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Mac M1 with Corsair void pro issue

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I just received a brand new Mac mini m1. Problem is that my corsair void pro does not seems to work at all. I installed iCUE. It is recognized, but I get no sound at all. The microphone seems to works but not the audio.


I saw some threads saying that there is an audio issue with Mac m1. My question would be if there is a work around (if iCUE is not installed, my corsair void pro just does not appear anywhere) ?


Or should I just wait for an update from Corsair? Do you have an ETA for it?


Thanks a lot and have a nice day,


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  • Corsair Employees
If you have iCUE installed while attempting to use one of our headsets on an M1 Mac you will not have sound. The resolution at this time is to remove iCUE from the system and utilize the headset without iCUE. This will be updated in a future release but as of right now iCUE is not compatible with the M1 Macs when using a headset.
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