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Cant change fan speed (ICUE)


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Hello people,


I will try to be brief and direct in my problem.


I basically can't change the rpm of my fans. It has to change to balanced or extreme and nothing happens.


Already tried:

-Renice Icue

-Uninstall Icue

-Remove the cooler cable

-Uninstall HwInfo

-I forced firmaware.



-Msi z390 pro carbon

-Coller Corsair H100i SE

-Fans LL120 and HD120.


Programs used at the same time:

-Razer synapse

-Msi afterburner

-Dragon center


If you need more information I will provide what you need.

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  • Corsair Employees

You are going to need to be a bit more specific about how you have the fans connected if you wish for any kind of help. As default based on the explanation that you have I can only assume that you only have two fans attached in such a manner that you can control the Fan Speed and those two would be with your cooler. If you wish to control those fans you will need to select the profile of your choosing, and then click on the main window where it says FAN #1/2. The rectangular box will then turn to a highlighted yellow color and it will say the profile you changed it to.


The other fans based on the hardware you have explained to have it can only be assumed that you are plugging the power header for those into fan headers on your motherboard, and that would mean you need to utilize either your BIOS to adjust the fan curves for those fans or you need to utilize the MSI software for your motherboard to control the headers from the desktop.

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