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So, just built my first pc. I started off mostly with Cougar fans, because I was building in a Cougar case. I also got 3 Corsair fans because they looked better from the back. The Cougar case turned out to be a piece of crap, so I went Lian Li and still installed the Cougar fans. Didn't care for the Cougar fans, and since I was building a pc for my step-dad, I gave him my Cougar fans and bought more Corsair because I liked them so much. So, currently I've got 6 Corsair fans, filling up all the slots on my controller, so I went with a Cooler Master for the back fan, and I have a Thermaltake AIO with 3 fans. I'm using an AsRock mobo, and it turns out that the Polychrome rgb software sucks.


When I bought my second set of Corsair fans, I got a second controller.

So, all that was to ask the question... Can I plug in my 3 Thermaltake fans on the aio and my Cooler Master, all 4 currently daisy chained together, into a Corsair controller?


Also... any chance that there's anything in the works to allow ICue integration with AsRock mobos? Man, I should have gone with ASUS again :P

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