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missing DARK CORE SE USB Wireless Receiver

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i have just purchase a DARK CORE SE mouse but it did'nt come with a Wireless Receiver i bought of e-bay so i know I'm not coved by the Warranty i like to know if i buy a cheap 2.4GHz dongle will it work with it in wireless mode



thanks for any help

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Not it will not. We would suggest you proceed with a return of the incomplete product with the seller you purchased it from on Ebay under their buyer protection policies.


do you know when corsair will have this (see link) back in stock https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/DARK-CORE-SE-USB-Wireless-Receiver-and-Cable/p/CH-8970049-WW

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Oh, did not know that it was so big difference between the two Dark Core.


This is one of the differences between the Dark Core and Dark Core SE and the Dark Core Pro and Dark Core Pro SE. both none Pro versions didnt have it. the 'SE' means it has Wireless Charging

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