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LL120 Fan failure rates

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Hi all have I been unlucky or is this the norm to expect with these fans.

So I have a 680x case and running 8 x LL120,s in it.

They were purchased at the same time but from different vendors (case from one additional fans from another).

I am just about to start the 7th rma as yet another has failed in 6 months!!! of light use. Usual symptoms colours freeze or patterns go wrong flickering so unplug all fans and try each fan individually to find the problem one.

Am I just unlucky.

I was thinking of upgrading to the latest Capellix cooler to give that last bit of colour but if this is going to be what others have seen I think I will look at other brands.

Has anyone else had this issue too?

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Hey Bud.


Man.. i Feel for you! some serious bad luck that! 7 is a bad run for sure!.


never had an issue my self and i have been running 32 of them for near 2 years in my 1000d. 10 of those since release in another case.


i have helped people on here and over on my discord server that has resulted in RMA for them. but on the whole its a tiny number of people compared how many units are probably sold and rare its more than the one fan..


again. over on my discord server we see a lot of 1000d owners with the same 32 LL or QL fans as my self and rare issues happen. will always be a bad egg out there.. but 7.. thats a lot dude.


again.. feel for you man. Hope support sorts you and maybe your issue should be looked into further because of such a high failure rate.


be sorry to see you go to another brand and all i can say is.. grass is never greener on the other side.. i know.. i used to mow it lol.


Good luck on your quest man.. keep us updated

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