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icue feature request: change orientation of liquid cooler pumps


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I love that we have more flexibility with the orientation of the fans now with respect to setting up lighting effects, and I'd really appreciate it if you guys added the ability to change the orientation of the pump on the coolers (eg the elite capellix pump) based on whether the tubing is on top, bottom, left, or right. I have four ram sticks (corsair of course) next to the pump, and the lighting effects don't match up properly since I apparently have my tubing coming out of a different side of the pump (the right side) than whatever the default is, so the default lighting effects, such as a color/rainbow wave or whatnot, don't match up properly.


I'm definitely curious to see what the next integral version of iCue has in store. I have a ton of corsair stuff that I control with iCue, and I often run into problems with it. I signed up for the closed beta but haven't gotten into it... yet. I'm hoping it will be more stable and will consume less resources than the current version.

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