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Double-clicking woes

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Hey all, glad to be here.


I've read quite a few posts that span a few years on the double-click issues some have.


The mouse I have is about a month and a half old and is the M65 RGB Elite. Fantastic when it was working and fit my big hand, but now double-clicking and lack of left-clicking is happening.


I assume this is just what will happen, no matter how many times I RMA this?


Some things I did notice (after the usual reboots, factory resets, etc.):

  • iCUE running, double-click seems less, but left click doesn't always occur
  • iCUE NOT running and double-click is quite often, but at least the left click works


This seems like this is a software issue, but I don't want to keep RMA'ing the same mouse for the same problems...has anyone else had any better experiences or methods to troubleshoot? I've even reduced the double click settings in Windows native and it'll still double-click madly.

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Just wanted to chime in here.


My m65 is also faulty. Left click switch is intermittently making a solid contact and the middle mouse click has stopped working altogether.


Corsair has been aware of this for 2+ years now, but its cheaper for them to continually RMA mice. There are some users here on their 8th RMA. Unfortunately I feel bad for espousing so much praise for Corsair in the past. But again, brand identity erosion is cheaper than making a quality product these days.


I submitted an RMA but covid has their staff bogged down pretty hard. And I need a reliable replacement for work asap.


Does anyone have any non Corsair suggestions that are close to the M65?

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  • 7 months later...

Same with this mouse, I wanted a white one for the setup I have. However this mouse has double clicked from the first week. I thought it was me with different mouse settings, alas here I am.


So I have found something that stopped my double clicking. I took a very thin piece of cardboard (one you would find a small toy in)  Folded it in half and put a piece under the left mouse button.


What seems to be the problem with this mouse after testing it soooo mannnny times. Is that out of box, the LMB pushes down way too far cause it to click again as it rises. 


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