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Fan Control Stopped - H100i RGB Pro XT


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EDIT: Even though firmware was already up to date... Force updating the firmware has fixed the problem. Software control is cool and all, but these kinds of issues are why I might just wire my fans to my motherboard headers and call it a day.


Anyone had this issue? Defective cooler maybe? Cooler is brand new.


Until today, everything was fine. But starting today, iCUE is completely unable to control the fan speed. It monitors fan speed fine, however. But fans are stuck on low RPM.If I change mode to Extreme or even fixed 100% RPM, nothing changes: fans keep running at low RPM.


iCUE still seems to be able to control pump speed just fine. But not the fans.


Nothing has changed in my configuration, and fan control worked fine until today, so I'm confident it is connected properly.


Tried uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling iCUE. Same problem.



H100i RGB Pro XT

Fans connected to H100i fan headers (2xLL120s and 2xML120s via 2xPWM splitters)

H100i connected to mobo via USB and via fan TAC cable to CPU fan header

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There was a burst of reports on this about 5 months back. The internal fan controller on the Platinum/XT models would lock up and become non-responsive. I am not sure an underlying cause was identified or linked to a specific software package or program. The forced firmware update is the right corrective measure. On a positive note, users did not come back with this as a reoccurring problem. It seems to be a one off for most.
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