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K70 Mk2+Nightsword issues with profile selection

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Hoping someone can get this issue straightened out. I have 3 profiles set for the mouse:


1) Default Green

2 Game 1 Blue

3) Game 2 Red


I also have chosen a static color for the keyboard which is red for one of the profiles.


Upon starting a game, my mouse will switch to green (default), when I press "Profile up", the keyboard goes dark, and will stay at green. If I press "Profile Down" it will stay on green for a few presses then go to red with no keyboard lights, then if I press the light bulb key on the keyboard, still no lights. I have to toggle back and forth through the profile buttons to eventually get the Game 2 profile with the keyboard illuminated.


Maybe I'm missing something, but wasn't like this before. I'm guessing a setting but not sure where to start.


The other issue is the mouse will change back to Profile 1 (Default) green after I select Profile 3 (Red). I can change it to red, then after about 5 seconds it will change back to Profile 1 (Default) green



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Hello there,


Honestly over time, profiles can become corrupt. The best thing here might be to do a clean repair of iCUE and create those profiles again from scratch.


Please follow the steps in the following link:




If this doesn't help, please open a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page for more thorough troubleshooting.

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