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LL120 LED color looks right, QL120 does not

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I have 7 QL120's and a H100i RGB (2x LL120) in a Lian Li Dyanamics O11 case.


The QL120's are hooked up to 2 RGB basic lightning commanders and powered by a 10 fan hub.


The QL120's looked washed out. I'm simply setting a single color for all 9 fans but the color difference is staggering.


Is this normal? Seems so bad to me.


Pics for review.


https://imgur.com/a/wU6fif8 - 2 LL120's on left, QL120's on right.


If that's just the difference in color between the LL and QL, I'm ok with that, but the QL's are simply so off on color, it's annoying.

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All of the Corsair RGB fans have slightly different hues based on the materials. The LL are the coldest in temperature by far. The QL are slightly more neutral, but still cooler than the near center ML or pastel-like HD. You typically may need to slightly shift color tones to make different fan types match. Same thing goes for most LED devices where a specific R-G-B value may not appear the same across the board.


Sometimes you hit upon a specific RGB value that really accentuates the differences. Not sure what the exact color hue is there or whether the QL are "washed out" or the LL are too icy green.

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yeah I get that the colors can be different, but maybe its the gaps in light that are causing the main issue, along with lighting behind.


I'm trying to adjust the lights to match the LL's. I'll probably just end up replacing the LL's with QLs.


Thanks, appreciate it.

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I setup a new PC, same thing, this time, all LL120s. It's the lightning node pro causing the issues. Unplugged the RGB H100i fan (working perfectly) and moved it to the Node Pro in my 280x Case, and boom, looks crappy like the other 2 LL120's in the case from the factory. See my updated thread with photos.



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