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iCue macros reverting to one text action


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Hi there. New to the forum. I've been looking around online for info on how to remedy the issue I have, and have found nothing. Hopefully, this thread will yield the desired result.


The issue I have is regarding text macros. I've set up 5 macros and 5 text actions for my Strafe MK2 that I link each macro to through the Second Action function in the advanced settings (as in macro 1 is linked to text 1, macro 2 to text 2 and so on), but for a reason unbeknownst to me, each macro keeps reverting to text 1 whenever I restart the PC.

Is there a specific reason that this keeps happening? I feel like I'm missing something.


Also, in case anyone asks if I'm saving to library, I've been doing that, and still get the same issue, of which has been reoccurring for the last few months.


I look forward to your replies :):

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