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For JohnnyGuru: 10 years old AX1200 still good?


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I have in my hands a 10 years old AX1200 that has been sitting on the shelf, hasn’t been used at all. Is there anything about AX1200’s that would make it a concern / unwise to use one that has been sitting on a shelf this long? Or I should be OK?


Thank you!

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I think you should definitely try it out!

It's a high end top of the line power supply and I don't think it will get damaged by just sitting in a box for a few years.

I'm not good at electric components but only think I know about that can get damaged with age is the caps, but that is many many 10¨¨s of years before it happens.


What computer are you going to power with it if it works?

I have a bit of a problem with mine AX1200i and an Asus X570-E motherboard but hopefully you will not have same problem. :)

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they will work.


Now you don't want to plug it to a scope and have a look at voltage ripple under load.

at best you may have lower clocks on power hungry GPUs because of unstable voltages.

At worse, you may cook VRMs because those instabilities stress them a lot harder, and eventually experience more crashes, BSODs, fry components..


Always better to change old PSUs before they arrive to that point.

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