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Damaged Radiator. Still ok?

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Hello everybody,


I got myself a new H115i Elite Capellix and went to install it in my new 680x case. Unfortunately I slipped while screwing it in and rammed my screwdriver into the radiator, bending a few fins and leaving a gauge in one of the thicker braces. Attached are 2 picture of the damage.


Is my AIO still ok or is ruined?



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Your fine. That is cosmetic and it's only a few bent fins. It might reduce your cooling efficiency by 0.01%. There is far more dead space under brackets and in corners than that. The radiator is not dependent on each and every little fin.


Thanks for the quick answer.


My fear is the damage on the thicker tube not the fins. As far es I know water flies through them and I left a gauge in it. Don’t now how deep. I’m afraid it could create a leak especially when hot water runs through it. Or that it erodes.

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If it was going to leak, it likely would be doing it already. However, you can test outside the system by putting your 24 pin jumper from your PSU on the main MB ATX cable, then connecting the pump to a SATA connector out the back. Just let it run a while on the desk.
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