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H100i RGB Platinum SE not working correctly.

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I'm looking for some advice and hopefully someone has had something similar happen. A friend of mine asked me if I could help his Daughter out with a first time system build. I've been a System's engineer for about 22 years now but really don't do much with custom system builds as I used to. Regardless, I took a look at the machine and was able to get everything functioning but the H100i RGB Platinum as well as the Hub and RGB controller that comes with the iCUE 465X rgb case. Machine boots up and comes up with a cpu fan error and the light on the cooler does not light up. If I disconnect the sata cable and reconnect it hot, it will fire up, then control alt delete and fan is working and everything works fine. I've seen some stuff on the forums in regards to proper powersupplys with 3.3 volts on a rail and believe the power supply is sufficient. I also notice that icue does not recognize the cooler which was connected to the usb port on the bottom of the MB. I did try also plugging in a standard micro usb cord from a usb to the cooler and does not see it as well. The RGB hub does nothing and I've connected one fan at a time to it. Part of me thinks the 2 things are smoked but also think maybe it's the powersupply. Other than those 2 things, all is working fine with the machine. Motherboard is a B550M-PLUS (Wi-fi) from asus and the power supply is a thermaltake GF1 750. Hoping someone else has had some parts or some experience the same as I am having.
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1) CPU fan error - Normally this is a major concern if the pump is connected to CPU fan and is the MB response to no return signal from the device. Most often the device is electrically dead. I am not sure what to make of the workaround, but obviously having to hotplug the SATA to get it past that each time is not going to work long term. While working on this, you could move the tach wire connector from the AIO to another MB header besides CPU fan, then disable the CPU fan warning system in the BIOS. That may give you a better idea whether the device is being unresponsive or there really is a power issue along the SATA connector.


2) There are a couple of motherboards that seem to have difficulty detecting the Platinum coolers. Not coincidentally, it was the X570 first and now it seems like the B550 as well. A lot of users end up getting a powered USB hub which seems to sort the recognition issue. It is of course possible the non-recognition is unrelated to the MB and a direct result of whatever is going on with the power. The catch is it's hard to monitor what the issues is in #1 without being able to monitor the pump/fan speeds (looking for power drops) if the cooler won't show in CUE.

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I think anytime you get an automatic CPU boot error warning back, that is a warning sign. However, this does not rule out a problem with the power delivery on the SATA cable (either the cooler or the PSU end). If you had a problem with the PSU SATA end, it likely would kick up a "dead device" warning in the same way since it doesn't get a response from the tachometer wire.


The "Elite series" coolers have replaced the Platinum line. It is a definite step forward in aesthetics, but this also necessitates a change in how things are controlled. With no space in the OLED head, fan control and power goes to a small controller (commander core). This doubles as a RGB fan controller and PWM fan controller for up to 6 fan. If there are more RGB aspirations for the system, this makes more sense anyway. It also does not seem to have the same issues with USB detection as the older products that pre-dated whatever AMD changed on x570 and B550. I think prices are settling down, but for a while the Platinum and Elite were the same price, which made it really easy to get the Elite.

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