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AX1200i not detected by iCUE


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I have an AX1200i power supply that i purchased in July of 2020. I have just recently started to use it in my computer. I am trying to get access to all the features it has thru the ilink connection. I have connected the ilink dongle to the PS and a USB 2.0 hub on the MB. I have installed the latest iCUE SW but it does not detect the PS. I then uninstalled iCUE and installed Corsair Link SW but the PS is still not detected. I can tell the OS detects the device and I see the LED on the dongle blinking between red and green. From what I tell from some other posts the blinking the LED indicates communications is happening between the PS and MB.

Any help on getting my PS recognized by either iCUE or Link SW would be appreciated.


Edit: Found my issue. It turns out the connector at the PS was fully mated to the pins on the PCB. Once that was fully seated and I reconnected the link cable the PS is now detected.

However, I noticed that when I used HWiNFO64 to monitor the PS that it showed not only the various rail voltages but also currents. Yet I only see voltage and power thru iCUE. Is this correct? If so why not show current values as provided by HWiNFO64?

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