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K90 Keyboard problems

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I'm trying to get my K 90 Corsair Vengeance non-RBG keyboard to work under Windows 10 Professional. The software runs (Corsair K90 Configuration) but the key assignments don't take. I don't want anything complicated. I want G1 to enter a "1" keystroke, for example.


I don't need macros to be recorded, just have it enter simple, single keystrokes. Unless I should use the M key and the macro will just be the single keystroke?


I'd also like the firmware update software to not brick my keyboard. Every time I try to run it, my keyboard bricks and I reset it.


The K 90 is a mechanical keyboard, sold with a representation that it will last just about forever.


I'm finally to where I can use it for gaming, rather than just typing, and would really like to have the macro keys work.


Thanks for any help.

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