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Issues with Corsair RGB Hub from Obsidian 500D RGB

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I apologise if this isn't the correct section.


I'm having issues with the RGB Hub that came bundled with my Obsidian 500D RGB case. A few days ago, I noticed that ANY fan that I connect to header #3 of the RGB hub won't have its outer LED ring light up.


I tried different connections and combinations and have concluded it's definitely the hub because no matter what fan I plug in there, the outer LEDs of the fan won't light up.


I inspected the header pins with a torch and they don't seem bent, burnt, or anything at first glance.


The way the hub works, it won't allow me to bypass the third header and use 4-5-6. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to get in touch with the seller and hope they can provide a replacement OEM hub?

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