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Vengeance RGB Pro 3000mhz hitting 1.5v ?!?!


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Hello peoples, Im having some very strange voltage issues with XMP, auto, and manually...which ill detail below.

Firstly, the specs (that matter for this issue):


Asus ROG Strix X299 E-Gaming II - (bios was updated at time of CPU build in early 2020, cant remember current version and Asus site is conveniently down for maintenance as i write this)

i7-9800x - AI Optimised

Vengeance Pro RGB 32gb x2 for 64gb (2x 4x8 32gb kits, both correctly installed into their respective channels and keeping kits in sync)


OK, so the problems are:


#1 - XMP doesnt automatically pick 3000mhz in BIOS, it stays at 2133mhz, that is unless i then change the DRAM settings to 3000mhz a few options below the XMP/Manual/Auto dropbox. :mad:


#2 - this then will set the Voltage for the DRAM to 1.5v :eek: - which afaic is freakin high, as the specs sheet states;

Latency 15-17-17-35

Voltage 1.35v

Speed 3000mhz


with the SPD of 15-15-15-36, 2133mhz, 1.2v (which is pretty standard SPD)


#3 - If i manually set the DRAM channels to 1.35v in BIOS, this is somehow being overruled - as when i check this in CPU-Z or HWiNFO64, they both state it is still running at 1.5v.....seriously, wtaf. How can anything be overwriting the BIOS voltage settings?? :confused:


#4 - if i do not use XMP and just set the DRAM to 3000mhz it does the same thing - in fact, i have to set it manually to 2666mhz to get it to sit at 1.35v - regardless if manually set in DRAM BIOS or not :brick:

- thats what 2666mhz settles at

- 2800 will hit 1.4v

- 2933 will settle at 1.45v (give or take the fluctuations all these MHz settings do)


So, i cannot for the freakin life of me understand, with the time spent - all day rerunning tests - how to get it to run as stated on the box, IE 3000mhx at 1.35v, whilst also regarding its specs sheet maximums, getting it to run at 3000mhz and below 1.350v as it should.

Anybody please throw me a bone here - is there some obscure bios sub-sub-page doing something i dont know about ???? :[pouts:

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