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Are my temps high? (h100i Elite Capellix)

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I just built my first pc. My CPU is a Ryzen 5 5600x on a Gigabyte B550 Aorus pro motherboard in a Corsair iCue 4000x case. I installed the H100i Elite Capellix cooler and my temps seem a bit high but I'm not sure what is considered "normal" with this cooler as I am new to pc in general.


CPU temps:

on start up/idle: 33c-43c

browsing internet or other small tasks: 40c-50c

playing less demanding games (ex. Rocket League): 45c-60c

playing demanding games (ex. Cyberpunk): nearly 85c max

These temps fluctuate very quickly.


My coolant temp (monitored using iCue) hovers between 28c and 35c unless I play something like Cyberpunk or GTA. Then it gradually climbs up to nearly 45c.


Are these temps typical for this cooler and if not what can I do to get them lower.

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Most of your temps seem typical and as expected. However, the gradual CPU climb of coolant temp from 35-45C when playing heavy GPU games suggests you are heating up the inside of the case. +10C to case internal ambient is +10C to all components, including the coolant and CPU.


I am going to assume the radiator is installed in the top of the case as exhaust. One potential solution is to flip the fans over to intake and try to pressurize more of the GPU waste heat out the back, rather that through your cooling system. Another would be moving the radiator to the front of the case as intake, but that is a bit more work and may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

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Ryzens do run a little hot, and they spike the voltage for increased clock speeds which can lead to high fluctuations in temperature. I had the same concerns with my 3700X, but installing the AMD drivers and setting the power management profile to Ryzen Balanced helped a bit.
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