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Keyboard true onboard memory

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I have just purchased a K68 to enable me to run macros, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it has true onboard memory, you need to have the iCue software running on that PC for it to work.


Is there a keyboard with true onboard memory that i can take to any PC and run a macro without having to install the iCUE software on those PC's.

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K70 Mk.2 (3 profiles), K95 XT (5 profiles), K100 (variable - high number) all have dedicated memory storage to allow you to save lighting and actions to the device. There are some limits since it has to run from the KB’s MCU. 1 preset lighting effect or up to 5 custom effects. Actions must be able to be executed with KB involvement only. You can’t get it to launch a program from the OS without the software running.


The K70 mk.2 is the closest to what you have now in size and price, but with an aluminum frame. If you have somewhat complex profile needs but cannot operate with the software, the K100 has a higher level chip and much larger storage that allows you to pack stuff in until you run out of space. It also is able to run more complex lighting combinations in Hardware Mode.

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