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Vengeance RGB PRO 1 ram is not lighting up


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Trying to make this short and sweet and to the point!


Light was working today.

Not working now.


Ram stick works just not the lighting.

It is only one ram stick that is not lighting up.


I have swapped the ram sticks places still just that one ram stick.

I have reinstalled iCUE.


The RAM are aura sync compatible(which doesn't seem to work).

I do have aura sync MOBO and Asus Armory Crate downloaded.

But had no problem with it before


Had the ram since the first week on January 2021.


I don't use forums ever. So Forgive me if I misplace a thread or something :P




uninstalled everything I know to do with armory crate/aura sync. reninstalled iCUE again still nothing.


Using only the RAM with the light out still works.

It actually lit up this morning but came back in after a couple minutes and it was off again. SO IDK if it is windows... a program... or if just not working when it starts getting warm.


After taking the lit up ram out(computer was off and unplugged) I looked backed at iCUE and now Have a red triangle with "!" in the middle... so we are getting somewhere XD


Reverted back to older iCUE still didn't do anything but no more red triangle.

Updated to newest non-beta BIOS

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