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Saving profiles on K70 RGB MK.2

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I understand that you can save up to 3 profiles on the K70 RGB MK.2 . What I would like to know is does that include lighting effects as well as other parameters. I sometimes light to take my keyboard with me and want to be able to also save my lighting effects without having the ICUE on the computer I am using. Thanks Edited by crad
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The hardware profile (HW) includes both lighting and actions. Because the lighting must run from the chip on the keyboard, the number and complexity of the effects are limited. You can choose 1 of the preset ready made effects OR up to 5 custom effects (static, waves, ripples, etc).


You will need to create the lighting effect (and apply it) in the HW Lighting tab, then use the Onboard Profiles tab to save it to one of the three save slots. This can be done from the designated "K70 HW1-2-3" profiles or from any software profile.



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