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Hello all! Im new here and just wanted to ask for some advice, im building a new computer and im trying to keep it all Corsair (or as much as i can)


So heres what i got for the build so far:


Lian Li O11dx case

Msi mpg x570 gaming pro carbon

Ryzen 9 3900x

Corsair vengeance pro rgb 32gb (2x16gb) 3600mhz

Corsair h150i elite capellix cpu cooler (360mm)

Samsung 980 pro 1tb ssd

Seagate barracuda 4tb hd

Thermaltake toughpower grand rgb 850w

Corsair ql120 rgb fans (3-3 packs)

Corsair lighting node pro (led strips)

Corsair commander pro

Xpg argb extension cables (24pin and 8pin)


I want to know how to get all the corsair products to run on icue and not have any issues at all and using as few usb ports on my mb as possible. Ive done a lot of research and i cant seem to find my exact situation and a lot of people are just using fans and an aio, not in addition to the led strips.


So ill be running the h150i (with stock fans replaced with ql120s), 6 additional QLs, the leds, and possibly the xpd rgb extension cables (if they are supported). From the diagrams ive seen, it seems that most people link the individual rgb fan headers to the hubs, and the hubs to the commander pro, and the commander pro to the mb and sata. Would i need a usb splitter as well since my mb only has 2 usb ports? will i need a sata splitter?

Am i missing something here? Or would i be on the right track?


Any and all help will be truly appreciated. Thank you all!

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That diagram physically works, but you would need to obtain a RGB Lighting Hub in order to power the fans directly from the RGB channel. That is about $10 USD, but the trick is finding one. They come in the multi-packs of ML and LL fans.


This may be worth while versus using the Lighting Node Pro for RGB strips and a Lighting Node Core for the remaining 3 fans, even though the two pieces would be smaller. That is because you will still need a PWM repeat to take some of the fan control from the Commander Core to cover the last 3 fans. I would not use splitters up to 9 on the Commander Core. The above diagram would also allow you to get the Corsair RGB Expansion kit in lieu of the standard LNP+strip kit. Those extensions probably will be necessary and you won't need the Lighting Node Pro with the Commander. What remains unaccounted for is you "XPG extension cables" and I am not familiar with them. They like were designed for MB D-RGB headers and not the Corsair system.


However, there is another obstacle. X570 boards typically have trouble with the passthrough ports on the Commander Pro. You probably will need a powered USB no matter what, so the idea of making choices in an attempt to limit this to two USB headers may not be an important consideration.

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I have (3) 3 packs of QL120s, the h150i capellix, a commander pro, and the led kit. I should have way more connectors than i need, right?


My thoughts on this was:


Aio controls the 3 ql120s. The rgbs go to 1 rgb fan hub

6 ql120s go to 2nd rgb fan hub. And are powered by the commander.

Both hubs connect to the commander pro.

The leds go to the node pro and connect to the commander pro. (Or can they plug into the 2nd hub?)


But i was already thinking about getting the usb extension/splitter. When you say “powered usb” does that mean not plugged into the mobo directly? Please elaborate, I haven’t built to many computers so im trying to understand what your saying.

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You have more than you need for most things.


1) You won't use the Lighting Node Pro at all. The Commander Pro has 2 RGB ports for strips or the other D-RGB accessories if you can find a 3rd party adapter. If you are using the Commander as fan control for the other fans, then there is no need for the LNP at all. It may have use at some future date if you add in more accessories.


2) Lighting Node Cores (in the QL pack) connect to the system via USB 2 and will be recognized as their own separate device(s). It does not matter if they go through the Commander Pro passthrough, a USB hub, or to the MB directly. The Commander does not control the RGB on these devices or the fans on them. You will only need 1 of them, since you can put 6 RGB wires on the Commander Core. 3 QL on one, 6 on the other, doesn't matter which. The Lighting Node Core is a RGB controller and RGB power hub in one device, but it is limited to 1-6 fans only. It cannot do strips or accessories.


3) You want to avoid a simple USB splitter. It's asking for trouble since some of these devices draw power along that line. I would choose something like this with a SATA power supply for the circuit board, but at the very least get that kind with a dedicated board and not the 2->1 wire. You might find first hand information in the iCUE section from owners of X570 boards that have the issues more than everyone else. Looks for threads about continuous disconnects.

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Thank you! That’s exactly what i wanted to know lol. I really appreciate the reply and sharing your knowledge. This is my first elaborate build, my last one just had 4 fans, not nearly this much extra bs lol


Have you had any experience with that splitter you tagged? The reviews say it fried a cammander pro and another said it lit on fire. I already have over 2k into this computer and obviously the last thing anyone wants is something starting on fire in a brand new build. The rzxt also has a lot of shotty reviews too. I was going to buy this http://Rocketek Motherboard USB 2.0 9pin Header 1 to 4 Extension Hub Splitter Adapter - Converter MB USB 2.0 Female to 4 Female - 30CM USB 9-pin Internal Cable 9 pin Connector Adapter Port Multiplier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085KVH16T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_W3FPBZ3MZDJHZBYFBHAK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


But if this wont work then ill have to find another solution lol.

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Lol. I wanted to make my build stand out a little so i splattered green and purple paint inside the case before i installed. I was really happy i was able to put the 360mm rad in the other side compartment, and i zip tied the tubes closer to the top of the mb to keep them out of the way. The side and bottom fans are intake, and the top is exhaust. I also took and old computers cpu cooler fan i had laying around and put it in the back for an extra exhaust fan.(dwarf fan) Im happy with how it all came out.
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