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Time for left-side num pads

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Its time that corsair released a keyboard with the numpad mounted on the left hand side. For gaming, coding, and other typing oriented GUI based tasks, i find that having the num pad on the right hand side just gets in the way.


I'm going to be in the market for a new keyboard in the future, and as much as I love Corsair and their products, my money is going to be spent with Bloody on their B945 keyboard (left hand numpad).


What are the communities' thoughts on the topic?

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Yes I need this, I have a k95 platinum but if I could go back in time I would have looked for a numpad to put on the left option, and probably wait for something like the mountain gg keyboard where you can choose which side it goes. The B945 also looks good.

I have almost everything corsair so if they go the left numpad route, and then preferably the way mountain does it it'll be a must buy for me. And I'd be able to reuse my white corsair pbt keyboards reducing the costs compared if I'd go with another brand and need new seperate key caps.


If they make such a keyboard macro keys wouldn't be necessary as you can use the numpad for that.

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