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New build. Please help with iCue connectivity


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Hello folks,


This isnt the first time I'm making a new build for myself. Very confident in putting it together, however I am completely lost with all the RGB fans, commanders and lightning hubs. If anyone could tell me what I need to buy extra and how I should connect it, I would be very happy.


The parts that are relevant to my question:


Case: Corsair 5000D Airflow

CPU Cooler: Corsair H150i elite capellix

2 x 3-set QL RGB corsair fans (front and side)

1 x QL RGB fan (back)

1 x Non RGB fan AirGuide?


This is the idea:


I want to have 3 QL RGB fans in the side panel taking air in. (1 set of 3)

3 QL RGB fans in the front taking air in. (another set of 3)

1 QL RGB fan in the back pushing air out (buy 1 seperatly)

The H150i in push pull. The RGB fans coming with the h150i will be on the bottom of the radiator pushing air out. The 2 stock non RGB fans coming with the 5000D case and the one I will buy seperatly I will put on top of it to pull air out.


So I will have 13 fans in total.


The case will come with a PWM controller for 6 4-pin fan power and the 2 triple QL fan sets will come with a iCUE Lighting Node CORE (2 in total).



So how can I connect this all together so it will all link in iCue. What do I need to buy extra?


Hope ill gave enough info, otherwise, please let me know.



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