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RIP: Corsair Padlock 3 64GB

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A while back I bought 2 Padlock3 64GB USB Flashdrives, one to store my current "security sensitive data" (pgp-key, password vault, device configs etc.) and one that gets synced periodically as a backup. The battery of the backup drive drained which seems to leave the device totally unusable.

I can't enter the unlock code because the battery drained, when connected to USB it doesn't accept the code. When connected the system detects the 64GB drive but obviously can't do anything useful with the blocks underneath while the drive is not unlocked.

While the drive is in the USB slot all indicators are dead. When pressing the key button the lock turns red but the code is not accepted. The Flash drive does NOT charge while connected.


I think my use case to be completely within scope of this product so this behavior surprises (and concerns) me. For the time being I removed the security code for the remaining drive which totally defeats the purpose of the product.


I would appreciate an explanation of what is going wrong here and how to get this issue resolved.


Thanks for your time,



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Yea the Padlock 3 is crap once the battery drains it's useless. I have 2 of them now that will not accept a user pin right out of the box. And the "Reach out to our support staff" is the standard line of bull they give everyone.
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