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No lighting on RGB Hub + Commander Pro

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Hey all,


I have been troubleshooting my Corsair RGB fans for a couple weeks now and I am going to the forums for a last ditch effort to fix my problem. Here's my setup -


Corsair Commander Pro

Corsair RGB Hub

3x Corsair LL140

1x Corsair LL120


Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB Ram


Corsair h100i Cooler


I have gone through the setup 100 times comparing to the layouts in the forum guide for this product. All of my fans spin, however none of the LEDs work behind the RGB hub. The iCue software sees the commander and controls the fan speed with no problems. Changing lighting through the iCue software on Ram and the cooler work just fine. Here is the steps that I have taken so far.


1. Confirmed, fans plug into the corresponding channels on the hub/commander (1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.)

2. I have the 'Lighting Setup' settings assigned to LL RGB Series Fans and 4 Fans are connected

3. Lighting channel 1 is configured in the software also

4. I have confirmed all 4 fans light up when plugged into the cooler to assure there are no bad fans

5. I have completely replaced the RGB hub with a new one

6. I have swapped out the 3 pin cable that connects the hub to the commander with a spare

7. I have tried moving the hub to channel 2 on the commander

8. I have re-installed the iCue software


If anybody can provide any advice on how I can fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated! I am beyond frustrated with getting this set up.

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