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After years my ct3272y265.18t has failed

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Have had two sticks of this memory on my

Tyan Tiger MP S2460


Asus MX400 video card



This system has been stable for years, daily used Photoshop workstation w/no internet. Haven't changed one part, one driver, or one setting in years.

A few weeks ago it started "hesitating", as though it were adjusting the page file, after creating alot of "History" in a Large file, or graphic. Three days ago, it crashed, first BSOD "ever"! It restarted but after a couple of minutes, it crashed again, with a different error code. Then it went into a "restart loop". I noticed after the third or fourth restart, it only showed 384mb of memory. So I pulled one stick, and restarted. It restarted and ran stable. So I tried the other stick by itself. 128mb and again, "restart loop". The same for all four slots. Has been stable for three days now, with only the good stick.

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